Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Our Family Photos

So excited to share our family pictures with you all! We met up with my friend Eric, owner of Eric M Schwanke Photography (check out his new, beautiful website!), and captured some sweet moments of my little tribe in all their wild glory. The 2 boys were, unfortunately, not very well behaved and spent much of their time running through the forest throwing leaves, pine needles and mushrooms. Drove me completely nuts but I kept my cool well enough to get some pretty shots. Ah the vision that plays in my head of our very unpleasant struggle to "make memories that will last a lifetime". And so they shall.

Thank you Eric for being patient with us and giving us these sweet images. They are already on my living room walls and I always cherish these family shoots with you. Not sure how you did it but we got some gorgeous, calm shots.
 (Having a quick yell at the one who refuses to stand still ... and look how cute the rest of them are!)
Lovely cedar crowns created by Ebb and Flow Fowers, but she wouldn't wear it to match her mommy. All our best plans out the window when you deal with family shoots right?!

 The face of incredulity. We had to run off that craziness. 
 Much better!
And then the really peaceful shots 💗

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