Monday, March 13, 2017

Making Jello Sundaes With the Kids

Hello lovelies! 

My little E brought a cook book home from school on Wednesday and he was really, really excited about it. He immediately turned to a recipe that I was very grateful for in the end, as it required no skill on my part and very little time (virtual high five!). We planned to make our desserts on Saturday afternoon, "After mama goes to her flower workshop, okay?" and every day leading up to "Jello Sundae" day we talked about it. They were wildly excited! 

So for any other moms out there who love baking as little as I do, this one's for you. Easiest smiles you'll ever be responsible for and no disinterest half way through. Whenever I bake cakes with the kids I have only Scarlet's attention, so it was fun to have the boys playing with her. And full disclosure, I took the easy route and cheated on this recipe, buying pre-made jello squares in all the rainbow colors. I know, I know ... but all the colors ... and so much quicker! ;) 
#mompoints 👊

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