Friday, March 17, 2017

A Spring Flower Workshop

Hello lovelies!

Last weekend Sunny and I had the pleasure of throwing another floral workshop here in Green Bay. This was our 5th flower workshop since we started 2 years ago (can't believe it actually!) and this time Sunny hosted the event at her floral studio, Ebb and Flow Flowers (check out her stunning website!), in Olde School Square. She has the most adorable shop with beautiful antique details and modern finishes. It was the perfect place to host this smaller, more intimate event and I think the ladies had a wonderful time relaxing amongst the flowers and happy chatter. 

Sunny taught us how to create a floral arrangement with a more organic, foraged feel and an asymmetrical shape. Exactly the sort of bouquet I appreciate most when I see the arrangements these floral stylists create. She made it look absolutely effortless in her demonstration and when we set off to create our very own masterpieces we kept her easy instructions and tips in mind, hoping for the best! 

I tend to float and chat and take pictures during our workshops so I'll use that as an excuse for my arrangements veeeeery, how shall I say it .... organic (yes!) looseness. Haha! It's pictured above, a little before Sunny helped me by adding a few things here and there in a way that made my jaw drop at the obviousness of the whole thing. "Now why didn't I think of tucking a tulip into that open space? It's perfect there!"

So here are plenty of photos from our morning together. Thank you to the lovely ladies who attended this workshop with us. We loved your sweet company and hope the events of that morning in addition to our great floral prowess serve to usher in the charms of springtime. Fingers crossed!
If you'd like to get on our mailing list and receive news about upcoming floral events, send me a note to or Sunny at We try to keep our workshops affordable, so that every girl (all creative ladies and flower lovers) have a chance to try it out without an extraordinary investment to do so. In addition, please let me know if there are any other workshops, parties or fun get togethers that you're interesting in being a part of. I have some ideas brewing that should be really fun in the summer. So keep in touch!

xx Kirsty 

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