Thursday, March 30, 2017

Spring Touches at Home

It's always fun to add new little touches to a home as each season changes, isn't it? It can be as simple as plants, always the easiest and most exciting room refresh in my book, or as dramatic as a new coat of paint (we did add more white to the walls in February). I love changing our home and editing the room decor every few months, erasing a few things when it starts to feel too stuffy and adding when I'm craving my bohemian layers again. It's a definite ebb and flow with me and I love having the chance to be mod and simplistic during the spring/summer but then exotic and fanciful in the fall/spring. Heehee. In other words, I grow bored with pretty very easily and first and foremost, thrive off of spaces designed to be comfortable. Like a room that just envelops you into its coziness; a place where you would be happy to read for hours or take a long nap. That's really important to me! But I also want my home to love on my kids, know what I mean? To showcase my family and all the divine little personalities that live in it. So I need the photos and the toys and the art to make it feel like "us" but I also want it to be beautifully placed so that it doesn't feel untidy or completely overrun. A home should say, "Yes, there's a big, beautiful, crazy family that lives here but we still want you to love being here too."

Anyway, here are a few photos taken around the home this week. I've added to the plant collection, one that is ever growing it seems. Though I find that tiny succulents and cacti do not last as long as the bigger plants (maybe just a year) and so I end up changing them out each spring. 
( succulents from Petal Pushers )
( Found that TV console at T J Maxx after years of searching for the perfect piece - yay! Huge improvement over the makeshift buffet table which was just awful. )  
( More tiny cactus. )
( Found this inexpensive runner from Target that works well with all the other kilim rugs in the house (I am such a mad kilim everything fan!) and it's replaced the dodgy little front door rug that had several winter's worth of salt and snow abuse. Good riddance! )
( Little family tradition - With each trip we are sure to grab a snow globe to bring home. Love watching the collection grow! )
( The Easter decor is spotted through the house already. The lovely Teresa, owner of The Assemblage Studio downtown on Pine St, gave this precious little mask to Scarlet as a gift when we visited the other day. Should be sharing more pics once we really get into all the Easter festivities as those are a huge deal around here and they're so pretty to photograph. :) 
( And we changed out a shower curtain, ha! A massively simple refresh (for just $15 - Target) and it looks so sweet in the bathroom, a cheerful seersucker that feels perfect for the spring/summer months ahead. )

The end!

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