Thursday, April 6, 2017

Capturing Movement in Photography

Hello lovelies! 

I've been catching up on family time and a bit of reading this last week, so not had much to share with you over here. But today I'm back with something so wonderfully dreamy, a photo series that feels a little Alice in Wonderland meets Edward Scissorhands. Ha! I think it's the table that makes it a bit gothic, feeling both beautiful and creepy in the same breath. I loved having an opportunity to create art that was unique to my norm, and these are definitely so! 

I shot these photos last year with a dear friend and photographer, Nichole Garcia of Squid Photography. She had a vision to capture movement inspired by dance and we wanted to do something a little moodier with it, with an intention of incorporating as much of the movement of the clothes and fabrics into our shots as was possible. I have this stunning dress (wore it for this shoot as well!) with the most romantic construction, tulle that tucks and wraps around the bodice and then falls in panels to the floor. It's absolutely perfect for playing with when you're hoping for photographing texture and movement in fabric. We even used the dress as a sheer filter over the lens in a few of the shots.

We had the most gorgeous location here at Ebb and Flow Flowers, a floral studio with incredible vintage woodwork and open face brick walls, allowing us the chance to use elements of the design in the shots with the intention of enhancing the movement and the angles. It was fun using the decor in that way and trying some new things, eg: draping my skirt over the edge of a table and pretending that I was laying in a field of wildflowers and not a giant table. ;)

So here you have it, hope you love them!

As you can see, feeling like a complete idiot is part and parcel of the experience when modeling. Anybody can do it!

Side note: Nichole and I collabed in every way on this shoot. She took the photos and sent them to me for editing. 

Also! If you're local to Green Bay and don't already know, I have a dance studio called Celebration Dance and I would love to have you and your daughter join us for classes. Check out our website HERE

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