Saturday, April 15, 2017

7 Days of Style { day 5 Good Friday }

Day 5 is here! I've made it half way through and I'm still hanging on girls! And I'm so happy to finally be wearing my pretty heels again. They're just so much lovelier than winter boots and sneakers, aren't they? And don't get nearly enough wear. I bought this pair from an Australian chain in South Africa, ha! But there are variations everywhere and I'll link to the easiest of them below, at my favorite mom-hangout - Target. Ahhhhhh ..... Target. Gets me in so much trouble. 

With style posts typically being few and far between in most cases, you may not notice that I have a closet full of white dresses. Seriously though. If I posted every day as I've managed this week (not without letting my laundry duties become sorely neglected though ... and sometimes the kids say they're hungry but it's all good ... :), you'd notice definite closet favoritism. My summer wardrobe is 50% white (or white-ish) dresses with embroidery, the kind that would always go perfectly with a flower crown. Very predictable and I really struggle to buy anything else. When you find something you love, you just can't let it go. Or wait, you're supposed to let it go and then it will come back to you? Either way, it looks like I've found my true, trooooo love. And why mess with that, right? 
This is what was hiding at the side of my shot. Refuses to get in a picture with me but was all dolled up as Snow White for half of the day and even for our hibachi dinner out. All the Japanese girls there loved it. ;) 
jacket - old Zara {similar vibe HERE but THIS white blazer is even chicer}
dress - old Zara  {this is lovely HERE}
heels - old Cotton On {similar HERE, these are gorgeous! HERE + other colors)

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