Friday, April 14, 2017

Resurrection Rolls

Easter weekend is here (and with the beautiful sunshine and spring temps!) and this equals lots of celebrations for our family. We started off with our annual tradition of baking resurrection rolls with the kids, something my sister and I love doing together because it allows for a meaningful opportunity to talk to them about our faith and about the death and resurrection of Jesus. Creating and baking these crescent rolls with marshmallow centers is super easy, fun and hands on for them but also a sweet reminder of what Jesus did for us, as they come out of the oven with the marshmallow center dissolved and the crescent roll "tomb" empty. My sister talks through the event with them as they dip and wrap and answer questions. And in the end, these sweet rolls are actually very yummy! (I'll add a link to a post with the recipe and further explanation below).
My sweet boys working together ... heart melting moment here, their 3 little heads all in a row. Heehee.
Here's a post from 2014 with the recipe and another from 2015 (just to see! :)

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