Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Keeping it Simple

Hello friends! We've had such a beautiful month, hanging outside with a pool just steps away as often as possible and creating as many adventures as we can manage. Days are spend with cousins, playing, swimming, bike riding and chilling and the moment the little ones wake up each morning they inquire, "What will we do with our cousins today?" 

The first month of summer tends to be a bumpy transition into newly unscheduled days and less time alone than we're all really comfortable with. So it takes a little bit to find that happy summer rhythm. By July it's sunk in and we begin to dread that moment when everything changes again and we no longer have unlimited togetherness. Hah! 

Some of our favorite July moments? Well, my sister and I took all of the kids (8 between us) on a 10 mile bike ride last week, a scenic peddle with ice cream at the halfway point. It went surprisingly well for such a serious distance, particularly for the younger ones! 😊 The kids also spent a week at a fine arts camp at our church - Celebration Church - and that was seriously awesome. Always a summer highlight. We spent a day in Door County, taking a little tour of some of our favorite kid friendly spots in Bailey's Harbor ... sunbathing at Murphy Beach, food and go carts at PC Junction, lavender lattes at Bearded Heart, ice cream sundaes (with a gorgeous view) at Yum Yum Tree. There's so much more fun to be had in Door County but this is what we manage to squeeze into one day trip. And then if we're not at the pool you'll find us at soccer, cheering big brother on. 

But my original intention was to share a little style today! So here's some of my favorite, simpler summer pieces combined into one look. Easy tanks pair well with faded denim for chill Wisconsin evenings and Madewell continues to be my top pick for most comfortable/flattering jeans and tees. I dressed these up for an evening out with ankle wrap wedges but slim gold sandals worked perfectly for day. 
Our shoot ended with a little rain! Thank you to Erin Jean Photography for the beautiful photos. 💗

Tank, denim, cap - Madewell (jeans - HERE, cap HERE) Hint, get on their mailing list and wait for their sales/coupons which come often.
Wedges - Old Navy

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