Tuesday, August 1, 2017


Hi lovelies!

My sister and I had the great pleasure of throwing a HUGE party on Sunday night, with 120 ladies in attendance. This was our second annual Midsummer Mingle and a tradition we plan on keeping as it's one of the sweetest evenings of our summer. Our goal with this event is to offer something really unique and special here in Green Bay, a relaxing evening that offers all local ladies a chance to dine with old friends and new and to experience all sorts of things that girls just love. What can we say, we love life and making it beautiful! The evening includes delicious food al fresco, with live music playing and everyone dressed in something that makes them feel pretty. And then we add as much romantic whimsy as we can on a budget, with flowers, watercolor painting, twinkling lights, and sparklers to name a few. All in all, it ends up being a party that I dearly love and I hope all that attend do too!

And really, thank you to all of the wonderful women that came this year. It's so heart warming to see you there, laughing and chatting and taking your selfies. We are so chuffed when these events attract so many sweet faces and especially when we see you all connecting and cheering each other on. You are the best. 😍

xx Kirsty and Daena

Enjoy a few of the photos I snapped that evening and a quick video at the end ...

My dear father-in-law couldn't resist stopping by in his whites too. 😉 We love you Papi! 

Ahhhhh .... so perfect girls. Wish I could also share all the boomerangs that were taken that night. Hah!

 To see even more, check out a little highlight video from our mingle HERE!

Special thanks to:
 Greg McMonagle - live music
Rustique food truck - dinner, desserts and wine
Floral installations - Ebb and Flow Flowers
Elizabeth Schommer - polaroids
And the many volunteers who helped us set that up. You are appreciated!

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