Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Checkered Jumpsuit

Hello friends! Ahhhh, our beautiful summer is quickly winding down and I'm just not ready for it. Do you feel the same way? Sure we have all that fall yumminess to look forward to ... Wisconsin sure makes it hard not to love the change of seasons, even the inevitable sad cooling down is made bare-able (maybe even sweet?) by autumn's stunning transformation. We'll all be googly eyed over pumpkins and ciders soon. Okay I'll stop. 😉 

We're racing through August, on the final summer stretch now, and I just don't want to say goodbye to our beautifully unstructured lives and lazy togetherness. All of my favorite memories have been created in one summer or another. Oh the unfettered life! 

Anyway, I rarely feel sure of what to say in style posts these days. "Here's a checkered jumpsuit. So cute. I love them. Etcetera, etcetera." You already know and I think I'll just let the pictures speak for the clothes. I adore clothes and I can't help but share that with the world! Hah! But I'll let you fill in the blanks?

Jumpsuit - Free People

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