Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Hello Leo!

Meet little Leo! He's the newest member of our family, the 11th grandchild for my parents and the 7th boy. But most importantly, he is absolutely adored by all who have welcomed him into this world. Our family went to Tulsa about 3 weeks ago to meet him and steal some snuggling time with this precious newborn. He's one of those content little babes, the third born child who's already used to all that big family noise and is happy to nap right through it. Warm, soft and with that wonderful newborn smell that gets any mama's heart all weepy again. 

A huge congrats to you Bomar family! We love him so much and can't wait to watch his life unfold. 
And here he is with his proud family. 
As you can see, hanging out in a greenhouse during a Tulsa August is HOT! Scarlet looks like a boiling tomato, sweet girl. But anything for some pictures in this incredible spot, right?! Melt away.

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