Monday, September 18, 2017

Our Family Photos with Abby Roses

 Hello friends! I'm back, for just a bit. ;)

I have this awesome family shoot to share with you today. These photos were taken by the incredible Abby Roses (check her out HERE) when our family was visiting little Leo in Tulsa. I've known Abby since she was tiny and went to school with her beautiful mom Olivia! Abby was even the flower girl in our wedding. đŸ’—And now she's a crazy unbelievable talent and I knew she would capture our family just perfectly. Thank you Abby, we love our pictures so much!

We started at the Tulsa Garden Center and then went out for desserts afterwards. I really wanted something at a greenhouse (have so much love for spaces like these) and then a little lifestyle moment with our family just enjoying ourselves together in an environment we're all about, good eats!

Enjoy lovelies.

And sweets!

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