Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Few "Wow" Pics!


 Chloe Fall 2011

Love this look. I'm still dying for the perfect leopard jacket or shoes (you can see my obsession here) . And wide leg pants are back (I've read that in about a million different places in the past couple of weeks). So now you know ... and I hope you didn't get rid of yours! 
 What is it with me and green dresses lately? She looks so beautiful!

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  1. WOW is an understatement! Just beautiful. So, I must know where the bobby socks are from. And just so you know, I think that is a picture of you in the wide leg jeans and leapord print jacket. Are you just too bashful to admit? :)You could be a model for sure. You have gotten more gorgeouser with age. Hope I can do the same and look as fantastic after 3 kid. Love you, Kirpy!


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