Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Look at Home

A close up look at bits and pieces of home. Vignettes, if you will. 
1. My bathroom wall prettied with Goodwill finds (oh, how I love touches of turquoise) and a J. Crew belt back out for spring (yes, I'm dreaming).
2. Alice keeping company with dinosaurs and ballerinas (latter was a gift from my grand-dad ... sweetest man you'll ever meet)
3. A happy yellow elephant (Goodwill) holding our pencils over a hand embroidered gift from my mother-in-law's collectables. Sitting under the palette of paints used for my first oil painting. 
4. A plate wall - from Anthropologie, Goodwill and an afternoon in Cape Town - with brass spoons from my mom (early 1900's). 
1. Gorgeous thrifted quilts from Manna for Life (shhh, let's keep that location our little secret).
2. A corner where pillows congregate for tea and gossip (thrifted chairs).
3. A recent find, this little turtle footstool ($2). 
4. Tiny reindeer (Somewhere in Time Antiques) still recuperating from Christmas, not too eager to leave their peacock-y shelf. 
1. My mass of boys sharing a couch (not thrifted but ... home made. Haha!).
2. The coat hat rack and the huz caught playing Kinect sports.


  1. Is your hat rack from Urban? I have been searching and searching for a great coat rack (we need one desperately) and they are hard to find. I found one I loved at Urban (that resembles yours) but a little too out of my price range currently. Why is a coat rack so hard to find these days?

  2. It is actually! I love it but it's not good for heavy coats unfortunately.


Thanks for reading!
xx Kirsty

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