Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Neutrals and Sun

 Well, it worked! I went outside for pictures today and the smile came back. Thanks for all the helpful advice friends. What would I do without you? Ha ha!

You'll think I'm nuts when I say this but we are, in fact, having glorious weather at the moment. Sure, every once in a while your car slips slowly into a ditch and the wind freezes your lashes into clumps but it's not all that bad. Most importantly, I'm sweating all the time now because the temperature is in the high 20's today and my body is trying to keep up (as is my wardrobe. Sweaters under winter coats in 20 degree weather is apparently too much warmth for me). And high 30's for the rest of the week ... practically spring time!
{blouse - H&M, sweater - Target, pants - Gap, knee socks (scrunched a la leg warmers) - Free People, boots - Michael Kors from T J Maxx


  1. eeee! i love your outfit!
    you are so adorable.

  2. Thank you turquoise paintbrush! Happy to have you here. :)

  3. How did you get your Polaroids to stay on the wall securely, tape? You inspired me to put up a picture wall and -it could be due to the wall texture- am having some trouble with the pictures staying.

  4. uh! So not the post I meant to comment on. Sorry! Thought I had clicked the post with the 'forever' pipe cleaners.

  5. Cute! And I love the bright lipstick with the neutrals!

  6. Amelia - I used double sided tape. But yes, on bumpy walls you may need something stronger. Sticky tack?


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