Monday, January 23, 2012

Sunday Best {remixed}

Seems that this sea foam green blouse has proved quite versatile, and who woulda thought really? (also wore it  here and here). This time I layered it under a dress (borrowed from my sister) and added a pretty collar. The whole outfit had a sort of retro feel about it. 
{blouse - J Crew, collar - vintage, dress - Forever 21, dotty tights - Gap, shoes - so old I can't remember}

I'm suddenly unable to make eye contact with the camera. Not sure what's really going on here but I am most certainly taking baby steps backwards in the road-to-being-comfortable-in-front-of-the-camera department. What's going on? And weirdly, smiling is impossible! I find that (1) I feel like a complete idiot and (2) I look like a complete idiot. Perhaps it's the fact that I'm now doomed to photograph indoors and its made me lose my mojo. Apparently... 

So till I get it back, you'll see plenty of photos of me avoiding making eyes with the camera, or the husband behind it. (Is it just me, or is he starting to smirk when he takes my pictures? I repeat, WHAT"S GOING ON HERE?). 

I think I need a little air. 

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