Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Few Thoughts ...

Hello dear readers,

So I've been thinking ...

My family is featured in the most recent issue of Green Bay Moms, a real honor, so thank you to Erica and to Jennifer. It's shocking that someone would want to write about our lives ... there's nothing too extraordinary to tell.

I had to do a phone interview for this feature and I have to tell you, I think I'm the world's worst phone interviewee! You may remember the story I posted ages ago (here it is) which ended with me parked in the grocery store parking lot, children in back, on the phone with a producer of the Nate Berkus Show. The call did not go as well as we had both hoped and I did not get to rush off to New York in a whirlwind of stardom. I blame it on my lackluster telephone skills and honestly, I loathe talking on the phone. I think I must seem quite dull. Anyway ...

So while I appreciate the article so much and find that several points I made came across well in the end, I do feel that there are a few things that I would like to clarify. I realize that a minimal percentage of the magazine readers will instantly tap in my web address and find themselves here to read this. However, for peace of mind, I'd like to share these thoughts nonetheless. I think that if you know me or perhaps even if you've read this blog for a while, you'll know what I'm about to say already. Bear with me.

I had a few questions in the interview that I thought, when transposed, made me seem awfully shallow. Simple as that. I mean, I sounded a little ... not too comfortable with raising boys! I think that's the part that mortified me the most because it's so far from my reality. Here's what it says ...

Growing up with two sisters and a mom that had a flair for fashion, Kirsty Gungor was surrounded by girly things. So, while she was blessed with three darling boys, she shares it was quite an adjsutment. 
"It was a new world for me," admits Kirsty. "There was a lot I had to lean on my husbnad for but I learned quickly. " With three boys that like to be rough and tumble, and one that is especially fearless, Kirsty had to learn how to relax a little and let Parker, 7, Monty, 5, and Elliot, 2, be boys. 

Much of that is lovely but I think it makes me seem a little less than happy about having sons or slightly unsure of how to handle them. I realize that this is what I may have implied to her, in an unintentional way (super conversation skills and all) and so I wanted to "fix it". My writing skills are far better and boy do I wish that you could just write your answers down in an interview instead of talk out loud. Did my oral comm class do nothing for me?! So I want to reiterate that I'm just setting the record straight here cause this just isn't "me" and really how I feel. I think I rambled too much, that's what it comes down to.

I love having boys, really, truly love it. I've never felt uncomfortable with boys, not even when it was my first little man in my arms. I think this sort of thing comes naturally to any mom, even when we don't expect it to. My husband has been an incredible relief to me when it comes to the boy activities that I wasn't used to doing myself, things such as soccer and video games. That's what I was trying to say. And I believe that he will be pivotal in helping them (and me) as these boys transition into adolescence as that's a whole world of testosterone that I'm unfamiliar with. But up till now, it's been a huge blessing raising boys, playing with them, teaching them, learning from them, buying clothes for them, having strange conversations with them (oh the crazy things you can talk about), and just enjoying the cool factor that is inherently boy.

I've adored every single stage of being a mom.

The tiny baby that smells so delicious and smiles up at you as you cradle him in your arms ... for 24 hours a day.
The 1 year old that toddles about and leaves smiles and laughter in his wake.
The 2 year old that throws tantrums so epic that you have to stifle your giggles.
The 3 year old that becomes all grown up and smarty pants overnight (tear), leaving baby behind as he sheds his diaper and begins to learn his alphabet, colors and shapes.
The 4 year old that becomes your little helper and a fast friend.
The 5 year old that displays incredible amounts of focus and drive, impressing his mommy to no end as he sails through Kindergarten or plays the drums like a rock star.
The 6 year old that melts my heart as I watch him walk carefully and thoughtfully through the newness of life, leaving all traces of little man behind.
The 7 year old that soaks up history/science/astronomy/geography and relishes all new information with such enthusiasm that it's completely awe inspiring.

While the article took a moment to focus a bit on "me" time, on the time that I get to spend away from my kids, I don't feel like it represented my thoughts on "me" time very well (and yes, how could it? I know I'm overanalyzing here). I appreciate the time that I get to refuel and I do think that every mom desperately needs that alone time to read a book, or take a class, hang with friends, go on dates, exercise ... whatever her thing might be. But my life is about them and about us being together as a family. Spending quality time together is extremely important to me. It's time that I love and appreciate so much.

In the interview I shared my thoughts on blogging, attempting to get across why I do what I do. I hope to encourage women to get creative and to enjoy the beautiful things in life - fashion, art, books, dance, DIY, decorating ... anything that has beauty in it. I think that if we take a moment to notice those things around us, that we feel fuller. It makes you smile, it puts a spring in your step, like when the sun shines through the windows in the morning and sends a pattern of light sparkling across the room. It's those simple, beautiful things that make life so romantic and mesmerizing and happy. I want you to not be uncomfortable allowing yourself those moments. It took me a while to find myself again after having kids, to get out of the oversized clothes and put on makeup again. Children are, themselves, beautiful little creatures and while I can get completely caught up in the chubby rolls and the drooling smiles and the missing front teeth, sometimes I really need the other stuff too.

And finally (at least, I think), I was quoted as saying "... live wisely and live well". While there's merit to that I think the "well" part sounds materialistic. There's no part of me that wants to come across as loving money and spending it. In fact, you know more than most that I adore a bargain and that thrifting is my favorite way to shop for my closet and my home. We have a set budget that we live by and we keep the fun spending to a minimum. I'd be lying if I said that I don't dream and dream (and sometimes beg the husband) to take me overseas, traveling around the world being that thing that tops my bucket list (too many countries, not enough time!). But we're careful with the money we spend and we know that there is a time and a place for everything. I do realize that I walk a thin line here, the focus of this blog being on fashion and personal style, on adorning your home with pretties, and I know that I risk coming across as one who puts weight in storing treasures here on earth when in fact they are all meaningless in the grand scheme of things. Please know that while I love these things, I know that they will all turn to dust. This is not where my heart is.

So that's that, I guess.

If you would like to read the article, please do. It's here at the Green Bay Press Gazette site which incidentally is the only place I've read it so far, and it really is sweet. I think I got much of it across in the interview correctly, at least the really important stuff. It's just that I couldn't go without putting in my two cents regarding some of the stuff that came out a little wrong. You know?

Thanks for reading friends. You're the best! ;)


  1. I thought the article was great Kirsty! But I know what you mean about reflecting and thinking "that's not how I meant to sound!" xo

  2. I think it was one of the better ones they have done, though I do appreciate the clarifications you offer here. I always wonder what was left out or edited to suit their purposes. I know what you mean about the challenges of trying to communicate big ideas ant thoughts over the phone -- not one of my favorite things either
    (sorry if this is a duplicate comment -- I have been having some problems with them posting lately)

  3. Thank you girls. Means a lot to have you here and to hear your thoughts. :)

  4. Kirsty,
    you are truly amazing person. you hae the welcoming spirit of a saint! You are so beautiful in so many ways, more than you know, and on the top of that list is a beautiful mother. Tears came to my eyes reading this because you can "hear" the love for youre children, specifically boys, in your writing. And you can tell even from this blog about fashion and home that you put more value in your family and making a "home" then the items that fill your "house". Don't you worry about the article there are so many people that know the true and real you!
    xx but lots of o's too!


Thanks for reading!
xx Kirsty

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