Wednesday, June 20, 2012

More of Home

Well, I have completed a few more shots of my home tour and have another space to share with you. We start outside with a glimpse at the front and end with one of the back. In between that we'll walk into the entry and continue straight down the hall into what we call the "fireplace room" which sits at the back of the house and opens to the back yard. This room continues into the kitchen which circles all the way around to the dining room. This set up seems to work well for entertaining, which we really love to do, and it keeps that flow of traffic moving nicely (and by traffic, I mean kids!).
I added this shot (below) looking into the kitchen though there's a shocking amount of reality there. I did not set up for this by removing all counter debris, so you get to see some real life here. Erg!

The house has wonderful built ins throughout and I house many of my trinkets and favorite books there for showing off a bit and then basket up the rest in hidden storage. The kitchen has glass front cabinets for showing off the many, many dishes I've collected (yes, I had a dish hoarding stage too but haven't we all?) and thank goodness for the blessed people that made this kitchen what it is today.

I definitely have a great appreciation for white. Just a simple, clean, puffy light inducing white. But there's that part of my heart that is bright to the core ... South Africa bright. Color is such a magnificent part of the SA culture and it's just so stunning over there. So I have my madly colorful moments at home too.

Everything is intentional here. I think about every little detail and it's all there for a reason and likely has a 5 minute story. Occasionally their stories might exceed the 5 and sound more like, oh I don't know, 30? Is that to long to talk about chair?

I'd love to hang a whole bunch of these baskets on this wall. Wouldn't that be cool?
Parker and Monty will add their art to the wall at least once a week. I finally purchased some of that genius printed tape, in all kinds of pretty patterns and colors. Below is a butterfly that joined the wall last week. 

I used that little sunken wall as a space to create a mood board. I've torn pictures out of fashion magazines since the late 80's and I have big, fat (not to mention hilarious) scrap books to show for it! Some of my favorite clippings are mixed here with old photos, postcards and papers. It's a great little place to set your creativity in motion. You really should try it! Just tell the husband that you're going through a creative, artsy phase and he just needs to let you be. 
And then back outside. 
(Here's a peek at my home a year and a half ago)

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