Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Look at Home

I recently photographed my home and for several reasons. 

1. It was unusually tidy. 
2. It's freshly decorated (with florals) for summer. 
3. I'm thinking of submitting the pics for a feature (though I realize that could certainly go either way). 

Going through these photographs has really helped me to see the problem places, they seem sort of blaringly loud to me this way. Still shots can do that I suppose. So this sort of thing can be a little disconcerting for me as it makes me realize how badly I want to do a major overhaul

And then I think about the crazy amounts of money involved in such undertakings and I'm thankful once again for what we have and what we've done in our home at very little cost to us. I adore modern vintage style and this suits our family well. The fancy stuff that sits broodily on my wish list is most likely to fit best in a dream home, one that is best acquired when a family is .... more mature

There's a lot of wear and tear here but we're okay with it because more than anything else, this home is about comfort and creativity. I think that's a great place for a family to grow and I need both of those things in my life too, just as much as they do. 

Anyway, enough with the rambling. Here are the photos starting at our entryway and walking into the sunken living room with attached dining room. (I'll share more of the home throughout the week). 

Many items in our home are from markets, thrift stores, or from family. The desk below was made by my grand father for me when I was a young teen and traveled across the ocean in the ship that carried just a few other pieces of furniture when my family moved to America. I'm so thankful that my parents shipped this piece too. The linen on top was one that my great grandmother (grandfather's mother) made for my grandmother as a gift before she was even married to him. I believe it was the early 50's. It's sweet that this was normal, that a mother-in-law would make something so precious and personal for you as a gift before you were even married to her son.

My grandmother brought us all of her old linens to share amongst us girls. Such a treat.

Many of the paintings I've done. I do mostly oil on canvas but lately I've really been enjoying painting over lackluster vintage prints and giving them some new life. It's a very simple and inexpensive way to color your walls.


  1. Thanks for sharing pics of your lovely home! I like your collected (but not cluttered) home style. Is your bright pink coat tree DIY? Where did you get it?! I want a funky coat tree for my foyer!

  2. Hi Vee! Thanks so much. We purchased that coat rack from Urban Outfitters. I believe they still sell them and in several color options!


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