Monday, June 18, 2012

Sunday Best {pink and stripes}

Hello friends! I feel like I've been MIA of late or at least a little sporadic with my visits here. I've just not had those free moments to sit and relax in front of my computer as often as I like to, but it's not all bad as the busy-ness has been equally exhausting and fun. Just lots of summer activities and time with the kids.

The boys and I are off to tennis practice in the morning and then out to lunch with the family to celebrate my little Monty who is turning 5 years old tomorrow! He's so stinking excited about his birthday but he's struggling with the fact that his birthday is tomorrow while his party is on Friday. It just doesn't make any sense and we've talked around and around in circles about it ("... but is it my real birthday tomorrow?"). Not sure if he loves celebrating his day for an entire week the way I do. Much prefers all the festivities to go down in the same 24 hours. :) Sweet little guy. 

My sister also arrives in town tomorrow evening so that she can spend some time with our grand parents. This is super-duper exciting as we're planning on stealing her away on Wednesday night to see Rock of Ages which looks right up our alley. I lurve me some 80's tunes but Cara is the wildest & most passionate 80's music fan that I know. Ha ha, it's pretty hysterical actually. Can't wait for the girls to be together again. Woot woot!
{necklace - DIY posted here originally purchased from American Eagle, t-shirt - J. Crew Factory, skirt - Gap, bag - Old Navy}

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