Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Barely There

Hello friends. Sorry it's been so silent around here for a few days now. Our house has experienced the worst bout of sickness that we've ever had. After watching Downton Abbey come down with the Spanish flu, I laughed at our similar predicaments, though our's wasn't quite as Spanish as theirs. :)

But I think we're over the worst of it now and all of my boys are well enough. I've been the last one to kick the head and throat ache. I was just saying what a wonderfully healthy winter we were having, just the other day ... Ugh!

So needless to say, January has been a bit of a miserable month for me (and many others I'm sure), and I'm just really looking forward to sweeter days. The kids start their swim lessons again in February and I hope to begin painting the boy's room and getting a little makeover underway. I also hope to try my hand at flower crowns to use in a maternity photo shoot with me and my sisters at the end of February. So there are some fun little projects to look forward to. Hope to be back tomorrow with my portrait series and I also hope to begin a series for this baby. Need to get busy with that one! Till tomorrow.


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