Monday, September 22, 2014

Mama Style {texture play}

I love this in-between season, especially for these few days when you can wear a pair of shorts with a flannel shirt, or in this case, a fancy beaded dress with a cozy sweater. I love the mix of textures, heavy knits and light cottons. It's just fun to put on something unexpected, to play a little with clothing rather than stick to the norms. Especially when it comes to summer wardrobe versus winter. Wearing them together in these milder seasons makes for something fresh and interesting. 

Tip - try wearing one of your favorite summer dresses with a sweater pulled over it this weekend. Perhaps even a pair of booties and a scarf. Tell me how it goes (or better yet, send a pic!) ;)

Here's a peek at what Scarlet and I were wearing last September - denim cut offs with a sweater & overalls. I'm still completely mad about those overalls and, in fact, am totally ready to buy myself another pair in a different color. They're amazing. 
{necklace - Forever 21, sweater - T J Maxx, dress - Free People, shoes - Zara}

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